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Interested in showing your work at onetwothree? We are open to submissions from artists, artist collectives and curators who would like to rent the space. We offer several types of rentals:

1 – Individual artists in a group show. Our primary exhibition is Friday night, a small group show of up to four (4) artists. The rental fee is 50€ per artist. Our organising committee will curate work by artists to create shows each week.

2 – Group show rental. If you already have a group of artists who would like to show together, you can rent the whole space for the Friday night show. This gives you the ability to use the space as required to host your show. Rental costs go towards marketing production and promotion. The cost is 120€ per group.

3 – Guest curators – The space is available for guest curators to take control of in various ways:

a. Guest curation of a single night show. In this case, the curator pays the 120€ fee for the space, and can arrange artists as they see fit. Onetwothree will manage and collect drink sales from this event to cover costs.

b. Guest curation of an entire month (option 1). In this case, the curator can choose to pay a flat fee of 500€ to cover the costs of onetwothree (rent, power, heat, water, etc.) and will be liable for no other costs. The curator can charge artists to show to recover their costs. The collection of drink sales and donations will be split 50/50 between the curator and onetwothree. There must also be a donation box available for people to donate directly towards onetwothree.

c. Guest curation of an entire month (option 2). In this case, the curator can choose to rent the space for 100€, provided that they host a sufficient amount of events to raise a minimum amount of 480€ (any amounts more than this number will be remitted to onetwothree) If the events fail to raise 480€, the curator will be required to pay the remainder of this amount.

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